<Drive>'s Raiding FAQ

1. What kind of loot system does utilize?

Drive uses a hybrid DKP/Loot Council System. We were initially a DKP bid only system; however, there were a lot of items that were not dropping for months when we first started raiding.  One of the main problems we noticed was that some players had been able to bid on not only trivial upgrades, but BIS upgrades, and win with a bid of only 1 DKP. So, we have implemented a loot council consisting of officers + class leaders. This allowed raiders to bid on other upgrades knowing that they would not have to save up hundreds of DKP for an Azuresong Mageblade or Perdition’s Blade.


2. How do raiders earn DKP?

Raiders earn DKP by reaching time checkpoints throughout the night. If we finish a raid early, raiders will get DKP for the full night. Below are the checkpoints for Raiders and Standby/Trial members.

8:30 PM = 2 DKP
9:30 PM = 5 DKP
10:30 PM = 5 DKP
11:30 PM = 5 DKP
12:00 PM = 3 DKP

8:30 PM = 1 DKP
9:30 PM = 3 DKP
10:30 PM = 3 DKP
11:30 PM = 3 DKP
12:00 PM = 2 DKP 


3. How can I check my current DKP?

 You can check your current DKP by downloading the current Monolith DKP addon and syncing with Zertin’s DKP table in game.


4. How can I spend DKP?

 If an item drops during a raid, an officer will send out a message with instructions on how to bid for that item (usually /w “officer” !bid #). Additionally, if you have Monolith DKP installed, you can bid directly through the addon.


5. What are the items that are loot counciled?

The googledoc has been updated with these costs and an asterisk (*) has been placed next to items that will be considered in loot council. 


6. Is there any way to lose DKP during a raid?

Yes, you can lose DKP for consistently pulling threat or doing a clear and obvious act that negatively impacts the raid.

DKP Penalties – Per month
1st Offense: Warning
2nd Offense: -5 DKP
3rd Offense: -10 DKP
4th Offense: Benched


7. How can I be promoted from Trial to Raider?

Trial members can be promoted to raiders if they consistently perform well in raids. This includes having consistently good parses, being prepared with consumables/enchants, and being a good teammate to the raid group. If they can check these 3 boxes, they will be promoted after 2 weeks.

Who should I contact about joining <Drive>?

  • GM: Pounder, Discord: Pound#5611
  • Officer: Zertin, Discord: Zertin#6423
  • Officer: Willay, Discord: Willay#8540
  • Officer: Paddy, Discord: Paddy#1230
  • Officer: Willie, Discord: Willie#8483